Jeremy's Channeling Blog

Live Life! Laugh Lots! Love Big!

My name is Jeremy Eugene Logue and I was born on December 27, 1997. I passed instantly from my Earth Life on June 20, 2016 from a car accident. I was 18 years old. I was a regular teenager who loved life. I had a wonderful family and friends, and an amazing girlfriend. My girlfriend and I had plans to become married on our 4th year anniversary of dating. I was scheduled to leave for the Air Force a week prior to my passing. I loved to fly and I was pursuing my pilot’s license. Playing soccer was also my passion. I had played since I was old enough to walk and I loved it. I graduated high school in June of 2016 and I was ready to go off on my own.  Except, “on my own” meant transitioning. Our Earth Plans are not always the same as our Divine Plans.

My mom is amazing and she could hear me once I transitioned. I promised her I would help my loved ones through my passing, so I wrote a book. Well, my mom listened to me and she wrote the book for me.  Physically writing from the Spirit World is not so easy. Look for my book coming out soon, Jeremy Shares His Love From Above. It can assist anyone who wants to live a joyous life on Earth.

My mom started a Blog for me so that I could keep sharing Heavenly information inspiring, assisting, and guiding people to live their lives well while in body on Earth, loving big and having fun.  I hope that you like it and I hope that it enlightens and empowers you to make the most of your life living in the joy and love that you are!

I Love You!