How Big is Your Love?

Jeremy channels information to his mother to guide and assist us in living a Joyous Life on Earth!

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How Big is Your Love?

If you could measure your love, how big would it be?

An inch? A foot? A mile?

How big do you share your Love?

Share your love towards yourself? Towards others?

Do you wake in the morning and say “I love me” or grovel and say “I hope I make it through the day”.

Do you go all out or just a little? 

My point is, the bigger you love and share your love, the bigger the reward for you!

Yep, You! You heard me right or read me right! (lol)

Your life is about you, loving you, sharing your love! And that benefits you!

Sounds selfish I know, but it’s not.

Look at it like this – when you are loving You the most, you radiate an amazing love vibration that can benefit you Big Time! Love is the highest vibration by the way and it feels Good!

Have you ever been around a person who really loved them self and noticed how they walked, talked, and dressed (not in an arrogant way as that is not really loving yourself but more of an insecurity thing)?

But they radiate an amazing Love Vibe and everyone wants to hang around them, and be and feel like them!

Loving big everything about yourself, your eyes, your hair, your imperfections can be so rewarding to everyone.

You see, living from within that highest vibration of love is Amazing. Everything flows naturally.

Everything is wonderful. Everything is perfect.

Even when unpleasant things happen, you feel that everything is still perfect!

Everything flows in a perfect manner.

This is how life is supposed to be!

You are love at your core. You may have forgotten this. But it is time to get back on track and back into the perfect flow where life is wonderful!

Start by Loving Big every part of you and yes even the parts of you, you may not have liked in a while or ever, and watch how your life improves and other’s lives improve as well because they are touched in magical ways by you!

So start today with loving your Big Toe and work your way up each day to loving the whole you.

You will love that you did!

I promise!

Love Big!