In Heaven…You Can Have Whatever You Can Imagine! Even Blue Butterfly Shoes

In Heaven…You Can Have Whatever You Can Imagine!

Even Blue Butterfly Shoes

A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop with two Amazing people, Emmanuel Dagher and Sunny Dawn Johnson who are both great at helping people to rise above their circumstances.

Emmanuel helped me during a very difficult time when my son, Jeremy, had passed almost 3 years ago and I am forever grateful.

Sunny, who was new to me, has helped people for many years to connect with their Heavenly Loved Ones.

I loved listening to Sunny as she validated for me information what my Heavenly boy, Jeremy, shared with me to create our book Jeremy Shares His Love From Above, a guide to living a joyous life following the passing of a loved one and always.

When Jeremy shared his divine wisdom for our book, I initially did not resonate with some of his information. But as I allowed his words to settle, it began to make sense to me.

It was really nice though to receive confirmation from Sunny who is an expert in this field that what Jeremy shared was accurate.

At the workshop I attended, Sunny shared that our loved ones in Heaven only moved into another room (which is only another dimension) and they put on a new pair of shoes.

I really liked this and I felt that it was even easier now to connect with my boy, Jeremy, and in a playful way!

I asked Jeremy what kind of shoes he was wearing. He was silly and replied, “red, white, and blue shoes with stars.”

I laughed.

I then asked him several times since the workshop what type of shoes he was wearing that day.

One day it was white golf shoes and two days ago he replied blue butterfly shoes.

I laughed and envisioned him floating up in air with live butterflies connected to his shoes.

I asked Jeremy, “how can you have blue butterfly shoes?“

And, Jeremy replied, “I can have anything that I can think of and create, and you can to!”

He is right, I thought.

Anything that we can think of, focus on, give our attention to can begin to manifest into the physical form.

It’s like magic!

Just think of those who created the impossible, the Wright Bros., for an example, who created the first plane.

I am so appreciative that I allow myself to be open and accepting of my continued connection with Jeremy.

It helps so much with missing him in physical form and keeps us very connected until I am in the spirit form as well.

Jeremy is definitely my guiding light!

You can choose to connect with you Heavenly Loved Ones as well and we’d love to help you.

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Best Wishes and Angel Blessings,

Rhonda and Jeremy