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Live Life! Laugh Lots! Love Big!

My book “Jeremy Shares His Love From Above” was written to help my loved ones’ to rise above their grieving for me, and to enlighten and assist them to living a joyous life on Earth. I hope my book helps others as well.

I offer Heavenly information to assist in the knowing that once a person leaves their body, they still remain with their loved ones, but just in spirit form. They continue to communicate, guide and support their loved ones on Earth. I inform how to communicate with spirits, Angels and a person’s inner being. I encourage everyone to listen to their inner being to be guided and provided with all the answers needed to live a wonderful and joyous life on Earth.

My book provides great enlightenment and tools to remembering your true divine self, realization that you design your life and you can create a wonderful life, moving through difficult times with greater understanding and ease, being the best You that you can be, igniting your divine gifts, living your true divine purpose, and so much more.

Life on Earth was not meant to be difficult as many make it to be. You are on Earth to have fun and to enjoy life while learning, growing, and evolving. Abundance is already within you and awaiting to blossom. Enlightenment is very powerful and I am on a mission to assist all who are open to my guidance and assistance through my books, my blog, and my connections to live the Inspired and Joyful Life you are meant to live.

“The enlightening information presented in this book brings much joy to the reader. It quickly shifts one’s mood to love and happiness!”

-Melinda Tobacco

“Jeremy’s book has given me a new perspective on life. I now love every obstacle presented to me, good or bad.  I appreciate every day and have learned to turn everything negative into a positive.  Thank you, Jeremy! I am grateful for your wonderful words of wisdom!” 

-Michelle Espitia

“I truly enjoyed reading, Jeremy Shares His Love From Above. It is very inspiring! I enjoyed reading about Jeremy’s caring heart and seeing his big beautiful smile!”

-Dana Hockett

“I would like to thank Rhonda and Jeremy for sharing this uplifting and inspiring book that is filled with love. I cried as I began reading, but then I felt Jeremy’s love and happiness. This book came to me at the perfect time when I was feeling lost from experiencing the passing of several close family members. I realized while reading Jeremy’s book that I had stopped listening to my own divine guidance. I understand now that my life lessons are to learn from my experiences. I realize how important it is to listen to my Soul’s messages. Now I feel so much more gladness, peace, and inspiration that I haven’t felt in a long time!”

-Lorraine Arensdorff