Master Earth Living



Rhonda Crockett Logue co-creates with her Heavenly Son, Jeremy Logue, to bring you a series of Lessons to Master Living a Heavenly Life on Earth!

Lesson #1

Know yourself!

Know who and what you are!

Know why and what you are here for!

Know you!


When you arrived in a body on this Planet, you knew exactly who and what you were. However, this knowledge becomes lost for most of us when we begin to experience Earth Life.


You are a Divine Being made up of Divine Energy and you chose to have a Life Experience on this Planet.


Why did you choose this?

To Evolve!


Our beings are always in motion, moving forward, sometimes very little at a time, but always moving forward towards our Desired Divine Purpose!


Our Soul, our Spirit, our Inner Being know the specifics of our Divine Purpose, and whatever your’s might be, it is always to Evolve in certain areas.


To grow is Living!

To resist growing is not living so well and it can be painful!

Living in Fear is Resistance!


Your Spirit and Soul came to Earth to live, however, on Earth, we have the mind attached to our Earth body and our mind fights vigorously to remain stagnant. The mind’s initial purpose was to observe, however, when we chose to not live from our Hearts, then the mind took over. The mind tells us that we are limited, we are incapable, we are unknowing which creates fear within us if we allow. The mind tries to deter us from living and experiencing Earth Life as the Loving Beings that we truly are.


We can not blame the mind for its limitlessness as it was only trying to protect us and keep us safe, but in doing so, it prevented us from always seeking out our true desires, making needed changes, doing the things that really brought us joy, and truly experiencing the life we came here to experience.  However, we can become Enlightened to this Illusion or that which is not real, and we can Rise Above and return to living from our Hearts and to Living Our Life Purpose!


So, Let’s Review

Who are You?

You are Divine Light Beings connected to your Infinite Source Creator. The strength of your connection to your Source Creator is up to you and how connected you choose to be.


What are You?

You are a Divine Light Being embodied in an Earth body having an experience on Earth. The mind is attached to the body so this just comes with the package deal. However, you can quiet the mind to Live Heaven on Earth!

Why are you Here?

You are here to experience, to learn, to grow, to evolve your Divine Light Being!

We hope that this Lesson was Enlightening and Helpful!


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Love and Light!


Jeremy and Rhonda


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