A Message From Jeremy, My Boy In Heavenđź’–Life is Short, so…

A Message From Jeremy, My Boy In Heaven!

Life is Short! So…

Don’t waste even a second being unhappy!

When sadness arises, feel it, love it (all our emotions are necessary for our growth), and then LET IT GO!!!

We are here on Earth to live Joyous Lives, creating, uplifting, and seeing the good in all things, in all people, and especially within ourselves!

You are so loved from above!

Allow our love to fulfill you and emerge with your Light.

Then radiate LOVE touching everyone and everything that enters your path and beyond!

Much LOVE to you all!


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Many Blessings on your Healing Journey and Living in Joy!


A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

My cup overflows with blessings in my life; my health, my family, my work just to name a few. I am so blessed! My life is amazing just as yours is as well. However, some may not see their life through the Rose Colored Glasses their God, divine maker, source energy does.

A person’s vision of life may be clouded with ailments, disappointments, frustrations resulting in the inability or unwillingness to see the beautiful life they live.

A grateful heart changes everything though. Being grateful for that unfulfilling job, that ailment that keeps you up at night, or the leaky faucet that continues to drip no matter how many times it’s repaired. Yes, being grateful changes everything.

Expressing compassion and gratitude shines your love on what one might term undesirable. Amazing light energy is released from the Heart and this divine energy can make all events, situations, and ailments begin to heal, prosper and rise above its current status.

A grateful heart changes everything. A grateful heart is your true divine essence. The essence of feeling blessed for everything on your path on your beautiful life journey.

So when you are aroused by an unpleasant thought or event, receive it with a grateful heart. Love it. Have compassion for it and feel the heavy energy of it becoming softer and lighter as your love, which is your natural state of being, overpowers any and all situations.

But don’t just take my word for it, give it a try.

Just imagine the heaviness of our world being lifted with grateful hearts.

It can!

It will!

And it begins with us!

Shine Your Grateful Heart!



Rhonda Crockett Logue is a gifted healer and she channels divine messages from her Heavenly boy, Jeremy, to assist us all in living our Best Earth Life!

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