How to Rise Above Grief Once a Loved One Transitions

Jeremy channels information to his mother to guide and assist us in living a Joyous Life on Earth! 

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How to Rise Above Grief Once a Loved One Transitions

 Cry. Let it out. Express your hurt, your anger, your discontent, your sorrow.

 Allow yourself the time needed to process all that is surrounding your circumstance.

 Know that what you are going through is a major life event with many changes and much growth involved.

 Ask for help. Don’t go it alone. Allow the support to surface, both on an Earth and Divine level. Accept the love you receive.

Discover the meaning of one’s passing from this lifetime, the gift in it just for you. There is always a gift.

 Be observant of those you attract, those that seek you out, those that request your help.

Know that you will make it through this difficult time, and then, Follow the Light!

Know that you will prosper and smile once again.

Know that your transitioned love one remains always by your side. They are safe. They are well. They are happy.

Know that you are Love, you are Loved, and you will always be.

Take care of you, rest, play and eat. It’s important!

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe! Breathe in loving support and exhale all thoughts not serving you and not moving you gracefully forward.

Love! Give your love. Express your love. Love learning the lessons you choose to learn in this lifetime just as your transitioned loved ones did.

Listen to us, your loved ones in Heaven, and follow our lead. We see you. We feel you. We know your path. We can help you!

Hear us in your dreams, songs played, text read. We come to you in creative ways.

Be open to our assistance as we can guide you gently on your path.

Know that we never left you and we never will.

When you sing and play and dance, you feel, see and hear us the most.

Know that all that occurs in our lifetime is divinely planned for us, and by us and our loved ones, so that we grow, expand, and evolve.

Allow yourself to live the joyous life you came to Earth to live, experiencing all aspects of Earth life. 

Move gracefully through Earth experiences. It’s a choice to rise above grief or to be stuck in the past. Life is short and you deserve to live the best life on Earth.

We are always with you, loving you and cheering you on. Our love for you is eternal and is always blossoming just like you.

We love you,


Steps to Connect with Your Loved Ones in Heaven


Jeremy channels information to his mother to guide and assist us in living

a Joyous Life on Earth! 


Steps to Connect with Your Loved Ones in Heaven 

Step 1. Know that you are Always Connected to us.

Step 2. Deep Breath – Breathe in our love.

Step 3. Place your hand on your Heart.

Step 4. Listen to the Silence.

Step 5. Ask us a question. An example – Jeremy, why do I love you so much? (this is my mom)

Step 6. Listen. An example (from me) – Because mom,  you love to love.                         

My mom likes to do automatic writing which is writing what she hears. She feels this is easier as the answers just flow to the pen. 

And you ask, how does she know that it’s me and not coming from her.

Because she knows it’s not something she would say, so this confirms that it’s from me. 

Give it a try…..

We love to communicate with you.

We do it all the time.

Just pay attention.

My mom and dad were hiking at one of my favorite spots recently and  my mom sat on a bench and said “Jeremy, show me a sign that you are here”.

I told her to look up and she saw a heart with rainbow colors in the clouds.

Her camera didn’t capture how Amazing I made it.  

Earth technology 🙂 

She said, “I love you too, Jer”.


We communicate in the songs that you hear, the thoughts that you think, the circumstances that arise.

We are constantly communicating with your Spirit. 

Your Spirit has no resistance to connecting with us. 

We have done this for LIFETIMES.

The biggest tip I can give you to hearing your loved ones in Heaven is to 


The more you trust, the stronger your connection is to us as your resistance is down. 

Our connection to you is always strong!

We Love You!